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How online dating scams work on dating sites and not only

When we talk about online dating scams it's not only about dating sites, but any social place on the internet - forums, social networks and even online games. As well as not only men can be fraudsters, but women as well. Professional online dating scams successfully earn hundreds of millions of dollars per year, ripping them off their victims. They have transformed romantic dating into some sort of art, the purpose of which lies in making profit on the most vulnerable of our needs - to love and be loved. Online dating scams polished their skills so much, that even those of us usually not susceptible to deceit fall victims under the onslaught of their tricks.

To avoid deception, it is simply not enough to be careful, you must know and fully realize how they work, if you want to be able to detect a scammer at an early stage.

Step by step...

To begin with, scammer as anyone else would create an account on a given site. Some of these are very interesting, full of compelling, convincing stories... though these online dating scammer photos usually being stolen from someone on the internet, but you don't know about it yet. You might unintentionally, under the first impression or if you have not many followers on a dating site approach him/her after reading that "charming" profile.

The first reply message will be pretty detailed, interesting, with a story that invites you to listen to it more and more, to get to know what's next to it. Online dating scam would shower you with compliments, make confessions or express desire to know more about you. At some point, they would ask you to swap to emails or to call him or her.

Sometimes it is obvious who is messaging you even at early stages. But don't be upset if you can't tell online dating scams off instantly: some of them shaping their professional skills for years on hundreds, or maybe thousands of victims. You can try to use online dating scammer list too - it won't tell you about every scammer out there, but it's good to be on a safer side. Here is a short list of alarming signs you should be wary of:

  • They don't call you by name
  • They don't have any new stories to tell
  • They don't answer your concrete questions
  • They told you about family and children but they don't have any or new pictures together
  • Their messages are just dummies, full of compliments and confessions.

These people are trying to make you love them, without a single meet! The entire fraud is based on making you believe that this person is real and truly loves you. Once you believe it... you are hooked. You gradually getting used to that person, talk to them and have no doubts in whatever he or she is saying. After all, online dating scams put so much time and efforts in improving own lies, working on the deception methods. Sometimes online dating scam is ready to spend weeks or even months on "relationships" with you. They won't ask for money until it's clear you love him/her. Only at this point they will come up with a fake situation or a problem and put it in a way to make you wanting to help them with anything you can.

This is one of the longest types of fraudulence, but at the same time - the cruelest. At least nowadays these scammers are not so patient, they're too lazy to play in long term relationships: they want money fast and easy.